Valencia Fillet Cut

This fillet is obtained from the mantle of the squid, from which the skin, membrane and internal membrane are removed to apportion according to measurements indicated by the client, with a maximum of length of 25 cm and 12 cm in height.
It consists of a plump, firm and tender texture typical of the squid, as well as a pearly white color.

Scientific name: Dosidicus gigas
Origin: Peru
Zone of capture: FAO 87
Presentation: Frozen in a block
Length 15 – 25 cm (5% tolerance)
Width 8 – 12 cm (5% tolerance)
Thickness 0,8 – 1,2 cm (5% tolerance)
(5% tolerance)
Form: Without membrane and without internal membrane
Bag/box of 20 kg: 2 blocks of 10 kg
Bag/box of 22,5 kg: 3 blocks of 7,5 kg

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